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Harvard Graduate School of Education, Cambridge

I was born in Greece, the home of olives and grapes. I studied Economics and had a successful career in IT before stumbling across Life Coaching and NLP. Today, I’m an NLP trainer, a Life Coach, a wife, a mother, a world traveller. Nothing gives me more joy than sharing what I’ve learnt, and am still learning, with you. Read more


Tuesday: On a train from Athens to Thessaloniki, my hometown. In my hands, Denise Linn’s ‘Past Lives/Present Dreams’, handed to me by Eleni (yes, same name like me). If you ask me if I believe in past lives, my answer is ‘I don’t know’. The more I learn in life, the more I practice the ‘I don’t know’ state, lovely and light state to be in. The book is interesting, intriguing and full of beautiful messages.

Right at the beginning, Denise talks ‘wings’. Wings are symbols. Wings carry messages. Wings define direction in life. Wings come straight from our Spirit. She believes that from the moment anyone reads these lines in her book, they will have wings appear in their own lives.

‘Every time you see a wing, just stop and listen to your inner voice.’ Denise Linn has American Indian blood and is passionate about Wings, Angels and Feathers.

Wednesday: Meeting up with Angeliki (her name means Angel). Her gift to me: a necklace with a wing.

Thursday: Meeting up with Aliki – I mention Denise Linn’s book and how the author literally ‘programmed’ me to manifest wings. Aliki has read the book in the past.

Friday: Aliki sends me a message where she shares that she had a pinch in the heart when I told her the story as she had not seen any wings when she first read the book herself. Following our chat, she had the pleasure to see one next to her snail and another one on the carpet.
Tuesday again: Back in Athens with Eleni. I thank her for giving me the book. I repeat the wings manifestation story. She had not seen any wings when she read it…

Wednesday morning: On the boat to Sifnos island, Eleni calls and I can hear her ‘smile’. She just saw a feather wing falling from the sky. I laugh. One hour later, she calls again: She just run into a gentleman who sells feathers, tons of feather wings! ‘Seriously, can you believe that? I have never seen someone who sells feathers!’ she screams.

Wednesday evening: In jewelry shop in Sifnos. Mesmerized by some earrings, I spend 2 hours chatting with the shop owner, her name Angeliki – Angel. I smile to myself. She puts the earrings in a gorgeous little box full with feather wings. I tell her the story. She looks at me perplexed and she urges me to look around….oh, yes, the shop is full of wings, wings of plexi glass, crystal, feather wings. How could I not notice them before? ‘It is my thing. I named the shop after my name and chose wings as the décor theme.’ Of course you did!

Thursday morning: On my way to check a venue. In the bus, the man in front of me wears a T-shirt with an angel with wings. In the reception of the venue, a huge red painting with a falling wing…of course!

Thursday evening: Writing this while enjoying the most magical sunset and listen to some amazing music as I finish this article….’Take these Broken Wings and learn to fly again’ by Mr Mister.
I don’t know much but I do believe our thoughts are the creators of our life….what we concentrate on, we manifest; what we talk about and share with others, we manifest faster. Our unconscious follows our thoughts and sets itself to bring us what we focus on. Then, things…wings show up ‘out of nowhere’.

I love my thoughts on wings and angels, thank you Denise for putting them in my mind.

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The Change Book Series is all about empowerment and collaboration! My chapter with title ‘Sacrifice-less’ came straight from my heart in a flash.
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