Eleni Sarantinou bLU Talks 2019

Harvard Graduate School of Education, Cambridge

I was born in Greece, the home of olives and grapes. I studied Economics and had a successful career in IT before stumbling across Life Coaching and NLP. Today, I’m an NLP trainer, a Life Coach, a wife, a mother, a world traveller. Nothing gives me more joy than sharing what I’ve learnt, and am still learning, with you. Read more


Leonard Ng

“Everything was very warm, supportive and personal. I liked that the trainer kept everybody?s privacy really private but not jeopardizing the benefits of the participants for the course.”

Samantha Boliston

“Amazing Experience, one of the best weeks of my life. Eleni is a wonderfully inspiring & charismatic trainer.”

Sandrine Bruneau

“My experience has been amazing ? the tools taught are essential but above all, Eleni?s energy, knowledge, humor have pushed the quality of the course far beyond expectations. It also allowed the group to create strong bonding between each of us and made the journey memorable forever- Thank you.”

Frederike Hofstra

“Eleni is an amazing teacher who with her wisdom, humor and intuition guides you through powerful experiences. These open up new opportunities for growth and development.”

Addaem Chandran

“I would recommend to anyone. It has so much quality that typical training in Corporate will not be able to unleash the real essence who we are as a unique individual.”

Pammy Leo Abdullah

“Breathtaking?every step in this journey has taught me so much about myself and how to use this knowledge to enhance and improve my life and others.”

Elodie Michel

“An NLP Course is for me a unique experience: I thought I had 2 ears but I opened 1000000?.to understand, get connected to my family first and find out my own little child unconsciousness.”

Cecile Poggioli

“A big step in my life, learning to deal with my inside.”

Cecilia Schrijver

“Great course, if you want to enrich yourself, go for NLP!”

Meera Shanmughanathan

“NLP has always intrigued me from the start. Eleni managed to make a very mysterious sounding subject into something which is understandable and relevant to me and my life.”

P. Buvaneswary

“Very enlightening, useful on a personal and work perspective.”

Camilla Anastasia Slim

“Taught me to think before I communicate & certainly thought provoking.”

Tamil Selvi Krishnaraj

“Life changing, it opens up a new ?door? in my life!.”

Azura Hanadzlah

“An eye-opener for you to believe in yourself and what you are capable of achieving with the right beliefs and the action to achieve your goals.”

Choy Sook Yee

“I feel refreshed and alive and look forward to using my unconscious to improve on my relationships and attain my goals.”

Sharifah Thuraya

“The course has taught me to be more in touch with both my conscious and unconscious, to be more positive, more empowered and spirited to do better, to be better in all aspects of my life -from my personal life to my work life.”

Nisha Harichandran

“It is an excellent course to create self-awareness ? understand yourself first before you can understand others.”

Josefine Kronstrand

“Thank you Eleni for giving this course! I enjoyed every second. I learned so much and had so many new experiences and met all these amazing people.”

Suzana Simichen Sopta

“Life is a journey and the point of the journey is to keep going, discover new places, meet new people and each of those have an impact on us. In order to get the most of it, to see the colours brightly, I would wholeheartedly recommend this course.”

Nele Dewispelaere

“Eleni, you did this course in a very personal way, so beautiful and loving. The course will change with all the changes you make through your life. For me, it could not have been better.”

Linda Seren

“I have discovered how to integrate parts of myself I always thought would be at odds ? a precious gift. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to understand what NLP is about and how to apply it in their own lives. It may just change your world!”

Mary Moraitis

“Very experiental course! Fullfills its purpose fully! Great Trainer and the participants were friendly and we had great rapport with each other! If you apply just some of the things we learnt, your life will be richer! Teach NLP to the PLANET!”

Elena Argalia

“The 7 days? course in Tinos was one of the best experiences I had in my life until now. I discover ways of changing my life and having the results I really want. I met very interesting people and created new friendships.”

Kiki Kondili

“The NLP Practitioner?s Program was an eye-opener for me and my ways of communication. I will always change and improve many aspects of my communication and understanding of other people. I will be the change I want to see in the world.”

Mary Scordelli

“The course was enlightening and liberating.”

Maria Tzivanaki

“By the time the course was ending, I was so into it and taking the grasp of it that I felt: ?Why end! Now the good points are coming.? I guess it is a bit addictive in a good sense. The more you know about it, the more you want to know!”

Julia Homayounnejad

“You make me happy, you make me happen is an intimate and powerful workshop, set in an inspiring environment. I would do it again.”

Liza Brouwer

“Life Spheres helps you to consciously and unconsciously grow as a person, as a partner and as a friend.”

Mevlut Palaligil

“You make me happy, you make me happen was two very interesting and intense days that really put your mind to work regarding your thoughts and wishes, regarding past and future relations. Great group to work with!”

Wan-Min Huang

“Eleni created a great environment of trust in which we could reflect on ourselves and each other with constructive feedback in order to create more awareness, the tools provided were very helpful. It was great meeting Eleni, a warm and engaging person!”

Ruben Sluijs

“You make me happy, you make me happen was an eye-opening experience.”

Elaine Buck

“Connecting the dots is a great way to be introduced to a very complicated in my opinion process. Eleni broke it down very simply and it helped me to remember what I already know as well as to reinforce concepts that are easy to do but I forgot to do them like perception projection and rapport.”

Shirley Loh

“The ?Connecting the dots? course helped me understand myself better in a different way and put this understanding into my daily life and my work with the youth.”

Carol Talbot

“The Feng Shui consultation gave me a renewed interest in turning my house into a home! It was engaging, interesting, fun?..and professional and Eleni was a delight to work with ?..and always available with helpful advice and suggestions!”

Wendy Shaw

“Having experienced being coached by Eleni it really helped me to unclutter my mind and give me focus. When she then continued by working her Feng Shui magic in my home it certainly felt good, even some of the tougher challenges of de-cluttering my home has made a big impact on who I am. Thanks Eleni for helping me let go of the unnecessary emotions and baggage I had been carrying for a long time! My home is now a mirror of me.”

Aliki Arouh

“It was a midsummer day when I just ?felt? it was right and decided to try. After all I had already tried a psychiatrist, a psychologist, yoga studies, meditation, books, music, friends, motherhood, a divorce, a career (or maybe two!) I still needed to go somewhere, to do something, to find someone, to get answers?a change!

Coach Eleni Sarantinou , sweet and gentle yet serious and professional , has provided great sessions, assigned challenging taskings and sent me tones of positive energy!

She made me feel special and precious and it felt like she is my best friend ,a devoted follower ,an enchanted admirer , yet the most cruel and cunning little gremlin that I have ever known!

She showed me how to open the window to a magical new world where gremlins and fairies are living together in peace! “

Husam Jandal

“I was very skeptical about the concept of ?Feng Shui? and if it is something that I should care about. I explained my ignorance to Life Spheres and made an appointment with Eleni to evaluate my appartment. After detailed analysis of the environment (inside and outside the building where I live) she provided list of changes and explained in details the reason for these. She also sent me a detailed report (I check it every now and then) which I followed. The Magic happened and I start to feel real difference in the overall atmosphere at my house. I can?t thank her enough for the excellent service and solid result that I have experienced.”

Jenny Johnson

“Eleni is a warm, genuine person who has a knack for creating rapport and building trust. She has coached me several times over the past few years and helped me to view things from a different perspective. She has supported me in my journey towards my goals and kept me focused.”

Sanaa Yassine

“Eleni taught me a few years ago the meaning of the NLP and I was fascinated, last few years were difficult and I had support from her, giving me all positive and professional advice to survive and start a new life. I was eating my nails for years I could not stop, Eleni helped me and now I am not ashamed anymore to show my hand when I am eating. For years, I was in a difficuly relationship, not being able to take a decision. I was afraid from the result and Eleni helped me. I am happy now and free to start a new life. Eleni is the most helpful person I ever met in my life and an excellent coach.”

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