Eleni Sarantinou bLU Talks 2019

Harvard Graduate School of Education, Cambridge

I was born in Greece, the home of olives and grapes. I studied Economics and had a successful career in IT before stumbling across Life Coaching and NLP. Today, I’m an NLP trainer, a Life Coach, a wife, a mother, a world traveller. Nothing gives me more joy than sharing what I’ve learnt, and am still learning, with you. Read more


Marina McNamara

“So much more than a course, this is an experience! Eleni has an energy and enthusiasm that is infections. A warm and genuine human being with style that is up-close and personal with a love that shines through. Thank you!”

Wong Yuen Heng

“The course is life changing. To finally be able to free of the obstacles caused by my negative emotions is very liberating.”

Amanda Ohst

“I had my co-participant writing a note to me post-course naming the changes she has observed in me. She is right! The learning has convinced and influenced me BIG TIME. I am so committed to sharing my learning experience with just anyone that the scope of knowing, the fundamental beliefs and the advocated methodology can bring empowering impact to one?s life, both personal and professional in all disciplines. My transformational experience didn?t start after the course but during. I wish I started having this exposure much earlier in my life! It?s never too late though?”

Lin Ling

“I came here with a curious and half-opened mind and heart as I had no idea what it?s exactly about. I found this door and opened it carefully but excited. I walked into this amazing, different journey and went through all the ups and downs, those adventures, confusion, discomfort, new discoveries? But most importantly, I understand the world in my brain, in myself, in the vulnerable room I didn?t want to show, in my imperfections, in every part of me, no matter good or bad. And I am now capable to embrace all of them and feeling so free to carry them as a gift to continue this journey. I found myself and my purpose, I found my freedom, the new and real freedom. And I am ready to the unknown.”

Hui Li Chew

“This NLP course has opened up my mind and understand more of myself and especially my unconscious mind. It is a very impactful, meaningful and an amazing experience for me.”

Shanna Meller

“The experience taught me what I could have learnt in a year in only 8 days. It is such a rewarding experience and am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of it all while using these skills in future obstacles.”

Nor Aishah Binti ab Rahman

“This is a very amazing journey I was given many learning tools.”

R.Ramani Ramalingam

“It is a life changing experience which I would strongly recommend to everyone in their journey of self-discovery and personal development.”

Faizeh Jayakumar

“You are who you are! You, do you! It?s all in you! This course taught me to be my biggest fan.”

Patrick Thomas Wyss

“The NLP Practitioner Training by Life Spheres is entertaining, fun, thoughtful and deeply profound. It has definitely changed many aspects of my life for the better.”

Oxana Gorbatenko

“I am very thankful for everything I learnt during our course. That was a nice adventure!”

Hani Bahari

“The experiences throughout these two weeks was magnificent. You have to experience it yourself. I discovered the real me that I thought I already knew but actually that was just half of me, the conscious part.”

Nurul Athirah Harun

“The course is a life changer for everyone, it helps create a better and brighter future and that starts with ourselves.”

Felicia Sim

“It is a journey worth going on with just you and yourself.”

Hageswaran Dorasamy

“Eleni is amazing. I could feel her amazing energy throughout the course. Yesterday is a lesson. Today is a learning. Tomorrow is a memory.”

Ula Wyss

“It was fun, authentic and awesome. I got comfortable being uncomfortable, learnt amazing tools and got to know beautiful people.”

Jerry Yeoh

“Your guidance, trust, patience, commitment and inspiration have moved me to the next level of my life?s journey. I am very confident about my next ?connecting dot? now. Thank you thank you thank you my dearest Eleni. I will refer all my friends to Eleni?s courses, the best training I have ever been so far.”

Eleni Kountouroupi

“NLP will change my life because the first signs are already there. It was a journey in a beautiful ?ship?, with an amazing captain and a very cooperating ?crew?. Thank you for that Eleni from the bottom of my heart.”

Michelle Achuthan

“Eleni is a change agent equipped with technique and amazing stories.”

Rusmanita Binti Abd Ani

“Going through this NLP Practitioner course, it?s mind-blowing, life changing and an eye-opener to many aspects in life.”

Nicky Schobbe

“A life moment Eleni gave me was that I control my own Life. Any challenges I perceive as mine. My own! Noone needs to carry me.”

Nelyshia McComb

“It unites your unconscious with your conscious to reach your passion.”

Julie George

“Certainly THE course if you want to change or find something in your life.”

Asha Nair

“Enlightening, practical and extremely useful. The small group session allows for a lot of focus and attention. I will definitely recommend to those who welcome a change ? trust me, you will enjoy it!”

Mohd Shahridzul Firdaus B Dzulkefli

“?massive discoveries on myself?truly a life changing experience?”

Maria Papazoglou

“This program is blowing up my mind! Life will never be the same after that!”

Pascale Fioretti

“I’m so glad l I joined your NLP Practitioner course: so many insights and practical exercises to take back home in order to carry on this personal self-development journey! Thank you so much for your kindness, support, the laughter and the cries. You are unique and I look forward to the Master Practitioner program in 2018! ??”

Dennis Lee

“My discovery is that I have neglected my crew, my learning is that your belief system has a big part when you are a child. I now choose to listen to my unconscious mind, embrace feedback and be completely open.”

Zarina Suleymanova

“It is the first time in my life that I got answers to all my questions about me. The first time things started to make sense in the most painless way. The experience was emancipating, humbling and liberating”

Chin Siew-Khim

“This NLP Practitioner course opens a new door for me, it enables me to see and explore new ways in how I reframe that happen in my life and in how I interact with others and with myself”

Sanne Janssen-Martens

“The NLP Practitioner course gave me insights about how my brain works and how my values & beliefs guide me throughout my life. I have now learnt to become aware of my strategies, I can remodel strategies that do not work for me and empower strategies that bring me where I want to be.”

Arvind Sreekaran

“Having attended many programmes from different regions, this course by Eleni has been by far the best and most informative. NLP is clearly her passion and she delivers it in the best way that my mind can understand, absorb and capture. I have already recommended this training to my fianc?e.”

Muhamad Shukri Abdullah

“Experienced life-changing mindset of how the world is viewed.”

Roland Victor

“The NLP Training with Life Spheres was mind-changing. It gave me new air to breathe.”

Angie Ong Teo

“You do not know what you do not know until you know it! I am falling in love with me!”

Marcus Mithran

“I believe every individual in this world should go through this course for them to know & discover their purpose in life, how to make things better and how to look at things differently”

Harjit Kaur

“I feel that I am reborn. I feel the old me is no more and I am a brand new person.”

Najwa Zulkeri

“An eye opener course. Great trainer with good sense of humor.”

Noor Shahidah Salleh

“NLP conducted by Eleni has been rewarding for me as it enriches my knowledge and skills in my work and even more in my personal life. There is an apparent change in me as complimented by my spouse!”

Avinesh Varma

“Eleni is amazing and I do not know how to thank her, I wish we will keep in touch and I believe she will change more people?s lives.”

Jonathan David

“NLP is ALL ABOUT YOU! It makes me better in what I do!”

?yvind Willumsen Haug?

“Metaphysically speaking a really mind-blowing experience. An exploration of yourself as profound and exciting as it can be. For personal growth as well as growth as coach and leader. A priceless journey! Eleni has a fantastic presence and an empathy and sense of humour combined with knowledge and expertise that make her a pure joy to have as a trainer.”

Anamika Patel

“The Master NLP Practitioner course with Eleni is transformational. The learnings are so powerful as they shift the way you see yourself, others and the world. The communication techniques taught are tools for a lifetime of better and positive relationships. Eleni is an inspirational trainer who connects with every student and creates a wonderful and very experiential learning environment. I loved every moment of this course!”

Addaem Chandran

“I have known Eleni since 2013. I started out with NLP Practitioner and recently completed Master Practitioner. I have researched most programs in Malaysia and with that I would Strongly/Highly Recommend her. Here are my reasons. 1) First and foremost, being a trainer myself, you would know a good one when you see one. She is very sincere and full of LOVE (with capital words). She has so much of energy and it?s contagious ? In NLP we call it perception projection, you would love her. 2) She is GLOBAL and you can expect in most of her class that the participants are diverse. You would want to be there. People learn the most from people and when the you have participants from all walks of life and ethnicities, the learning can be HUGE. 3) She is very open as well. As a trainer it?s important to have a trainer that is also learning from you. She embodies that. So please if you want to make changes to your life, and want to know more about yourself and the people around you, you will know what action you want to take ??”

Mathilde Clos

“LOVE. It is the first word that comes to me when I am thinking of Elenis NLP Courses. She has the ability to share her knowledge with her heart. What a wonderful gift for us!”

Tatyana Danilova

“The NLP practitioner course is the beginning of a long and very interesting journey. I guess from now on I will never think the same(or be the same). And it?s not only about knowledge I got or the way I think.. It changed something in me which is much deeper and I can see results of it in every day life. Being very friendly Eleni managed the course with high level of professionalism. She could explain serious and look at very difficult topics in a way that everyone understands it easily. She made these 8 days not just a course, she made it a voyage (a voyage to new me).”

Zetta Koutsokera

“I studied Psychology in Greece as a college student and then dedicated 8 years of my life immersing myself in the study of Tibetan Buddhist Philosophy. This NLP course was the missing ingredient for bridging this knowledge between western approach to the psyche, eastern approach to mind and life. The NLP course provided me the practical tools to integrate and unite all the knowledge I have been accumulating in all those years.”

Ginette Collin

“The NLP Training with Eleni has been absolutely interesting and more importantly empowering. She has the ability to translate the theory parts into practical and simple applications. It was a fun and energetic place to be! Thank you!”

Luisa Hernandez

“EVERY SINGLE FAMILY should take this NLP Course (Master NLP Practitioner). I am so grateful and thankful I have taken it.”

Beatrice Benard

“It is an amazing journey into the self-understanding better how much a big part of ourselves of which we know so little (our unconscious) has so much influence on ourselves. Sign up today, you will enjoy every step of the journey!”

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