“I have known Eleni since 2013. I started out with NLP Practitioner and recently completed Master Practitioner. I have researched most programs in Malaysia and with that I would Strongly/Highly Recommend her. Here are my reasons. 1) First and foremost, being a trainer myself, you would know a good one when you see one. She is very sincere and full of LOVE (with capital words). She has so much of energy and it?s contagious ? In NLP we call it perception projection, you would love her. 2) She is GLOBAL and you can expect in most of her class that the participants are diverse. You would want to be there. People learn the most from people and when the you have participants from all walks of life and ethnicities, the learning can be HUGE. 3) She is very open as well. As a trainer it?s important to have a trainer that is also learning from you. She embodies that. So please if you want to make changes to your life, and want to know more about yourself and the people around you, you will know what action you want to take ??”