Marina McNamara

“So much more than a course, this is an experience! Eleni has an energy and enthusiasm that is infections. A warm and genuine human being with style that is up-close and personal with a love that shines through. Thank you!”

Wong Yuen Heng

“The course is life changing. To finally be able to free of the obstacles caused by my negative emotions is very liberating.”

Amanda Ohst

“I had my co-participant writing a note to me post-course naming the changes she has observed in me. She is right! The learning has convinced and influenced me BIG TIME. I am so committed to sharing my learning experience with just anyone that the scope of...

Lin Ling

“I came here with a curious and half-opened mind and heart as I had no idea what it?s exactly about. I found this door and opened it carefully but excited. I walked into this amazing, different journey and went through all the ups and downs, those adventures,...

Hui Li Chew

“This NLP course has opened up my mind and understand more of myself and especially my unconscious mind. It is a very impactful, meaningful and an amazing experience for me.”