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Original Leadership

A lot has been said about leaders and leadership, enough to keep us busy and practice our entire life. At the end of the day, it is in the ‘doing’. We know what we need to do and it is a decision to do it consciously every day. And yet there is a specific ingredient that delivers exquisite leadership. No matter how we all lead – and we all do in various ways personally and professionally – there is one Jell-O that carries everything together into a solid structure, one that stems from deep within.

Great leaders are visionaries and able to look far, much further than the rest. They are busy constructing the ‘next steps’. Among them, though, there is one considerable difference: even though they all want progress and consistent results, there are only some of those who know how to FOLLOW instructions FIRST. Yes, this phenomenally underestimated quality of highest intelligence.

The real threat for leaders is to forget to ‘follow’. Those who know how to follow instructions are not falling in the trap of the ‘never ending quest’, the insatiable need of validating themselves all the time. This is not their priority and it is evident to everyone around them. Their priority is to follow and understand. They are time-savers. They are great time managers. They are leaders and they lead by the example of listening and paying attention. Their environment does not need to change overnight because these leaders do not favor ‘fast and furious’ pace. Appreciation and thankfulness for what they are given ranks high on their list. They do not need to be original ‘all the time’ every time. They do not offer unsolicited advice to everyone in order to convince about their leading qualities. Where other leaders have as a priority to do things ‘their’ way, those leaders’ motivation has roots in the collective effort and grabbing every opportunity to use the ‘originality’ they see in others.

Of course, we can all be ‘that’ type of leader. Sometimes though, a sense that we are still ‘not good enough’ in some level, makes us stern about accepting other ‘ways’. We get an urge to find our significance a little louder than others. While being in that mode, we forget what people around us have already contributed and their own leading wonders.

Recently I found myself in an art shop in the Greek islands and they sold messages in bottles. One of them said: ‘Let the head appreciate the feet.’ Following instructions consciously is about happily adapting and praising what we have already been handed. The key is NOT to re-invent the wheel but take the wheel as it is, thank those who invented it and listen to how they did it. This way there is a strategy built inside us, a habit of deep active listening. This strengthens relationships and cooperation. Cooperation promotes togetherness and people start counting on us. When others count on us, they rely on us. Then it happens. They are ready for us to lead. They are motivated. The ground is solid beneath our feet and so are the pillars of empowerment our team is built on.

This authentic leadership takes the wheel to its newest form easily and effortlessly without the drama and the intensity. Instead of ‘spending energy’, energy is in abundance. This energy and type of leadership come from self-confidence and not desperation to prove something to someone. It leads to continuous innovation smoothly. High energy levels indicate equally great results in all areas in the lives of the leaders who know how to be followers. Like in every dance, there are moments we follow and times we lead and remembering and acting THAT way, then we talk about ‘original leadership’.

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