Eleni Sarantinou bLU Talks 2019

Harvard Graduate School of Education, Cambridge

I was born in Greece, the home of olives and grapes. I studied Economics and had a successful career in IT before stumbling across Life Coaching and NLP. Today, I’m an NLP trainer, a Life Coach, a wife, a mother, a world traveller. Nothing gives me more joy than sharing what I’ve learnt, and am still learning, with you. Read more

NLP Practitioner Certification – Haarlem 25-27 October & 1-3 November 2021 (6 days)

Enjoy better health. Improve your relationship (with partner, parent, children, friend). Or find new love. Achieve better work life balance, financial progress or a more rewarding career. Find purpose. Be happy.

We all have areas in our life where we want to move forward. Have the confidence to take action and the desire to do it now. We are ready to take that next step in the right direction.

You’ve read the books, surfed the web, done the webinars, listened to the YouTube videos. But you wish you had more guidance and help; that little push to help you to get going.

This is the NLP Practitioner course by Life Spheres. A journey full of new experiences, excitement, exploration, and evolution. A safe and fun place to look both inside and outside of yourself. Under the guidance of an experienced trainer/coach you will be provided an environment of peaceful introspection. Small groups for maximum benefit.

There is only one obligation: to have a lot of fun during the process!

Take that first step forward and book your journey full of breakthroughs today.

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Officially accredited by two internationally recognized bodies: the Association of NLP (ANLP-UK) and the American Board of NLP (ABNLP-USA).

Life Spheres - NLP Course and Coaching

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Haarlem 25-27 October & 1-3 November 2021 (6 days)

Venue: Iyengar Yoga

Fees: 1450 EUR

Early Bird: 1300 EUR before 15th September 2021

including the 6-day training & NLP international certification
(lunch and snacks included in our gorgeous venue!)

Small group, up to 14 participants.
Registration (return to es@life-spheres.com)
Contact Number: +31 640762097
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‘So much more than a course, this is an experience! Eleni has an energy and enthusiasm that is infectious. A warm and genuine human being with style that is up-close and personal with a love that shines through. Thank you’
Marina McNamara

‘The course is life changing. To finally be able to free of the obstacles caused by my negative emotions is very liberating.’
Wong Yuen Heng

‘The experience taught me what I could have learnt in a year in only 8 days. It is such a rewarding experience and am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of it all while using these skills in future obstacles.’
Shanna Meller

‘It is a life changing experience which I would strongly recommend to everyone in their journey of self-discovery and personal development.’
R.Ramani Ramalingam

‘The NLP Practitioner Training by Life Spheres is entertaining, fun, thoughtful and deeply profound. It has definitely changed many aspects of my life for the better.’
Patrick Thomas Wyss

‘The experiences throughout these two weeks was magnificent. You have to experience it yourself. I discovered the real me that I thought I already knew but actually that was just half of me, the conscious part.’
Felicia Sim

‘Eleni is amazing. I could feel her amazing energy throughout the course. Yesterday is a lesson. Today is a learning. Tomorrow is a memory.’
Hageswaran Dorasamy

‘It was fun, authentic and awesome. I got comfortable being uncomfortable, learnt amazing tools and got to know beautiful people.’
Ula Wyss

An NLP Practitioner course is many things and opens many doors:

* its the manual of the mind – just as it makes sense to know the settings of your phone or laptop, it does switch on the light in our life, when we know how WE function.

* it covers every single aspect of our life and how to change belief systems, internal strategies and metaprograms inside our head to start moving to the direction we want and need in areas like our health, relationships, wealth, work, career, business etc and get results!

* it is the knowledge that explains methodically, practically, and theoretically the mechanisms of change and a) how to keep in our life what works, 2) how upgrade the outdated and 3) throw away the unnecessary in our thinking and doing. It is 2020 after all, no need to carry one with an internal software of decades ago!

* It is a course that gets you quite savvy with emotions – the driving force in the world!

* it makes you an expert in communication, verbal and non-verbal.

* A course that upgrades your role in any job or business.

* A course that gives you an International Certification to be able to start a new career right away.

* A must to build resilience and …redefine resilience!

Course Program

Day 1

  • Introduction
  • NLP Essentials
  • The unconscious mind
  • Differences Conscious / Unconscious
  • NLP History
  • NLP Frames (Outcome Relevancy, Backtrack, As id, Discovery, Aggreement, Open)
  • NLP Presuppositions (Beliefs of Excellence)
  • The Communication Model
  • NLP Mindset (Cause & Effect, Perception - Projection, Results versus Excuses, Mind-Body Connection, 100% Responsibility)

Day 2

  • Sensory Acuity & Calibration (Develop skills on noticing, Recognizing and correctly interpreting the communication signals of others)
  • Pacing & Leading
  • Mirroring & Matching
  • Representational Systems
  • Building & Maintaining Rapport (A climate of trust and understanding, verbal & non verbal communication) Perceptual Positions (Looking at situations from different points of view)
  • Association & Dissociation
  • Meta-Programs

Day 3

  • Meta Model (How challenge and influence the constraints that people put for themselves)
  • Milton Model (How to reach a relaxed state and access the unconscious for solutions and answers)
  • Milton Model (Direct - Indirect hypnosis, Inductions)
  • Metaphors
  • Anchoring (Steps to access resourceful states)
  • Circle of Excellence
  • Stack Anchors
  • Switching States
  • Chaining resources
  • Collapse Anchors

Day 4

  • Submodalities
  • Types of Submodalities
  • The SWISH
  • Change Limiting Beliefs
  • Belief Systems
  • Beliefs & Self Esteem
  • Values & Values Elicitation
  • Thinking Patterns
  • Pattern Interrupts
  • Congruence - Incogruence
  • Reframe
  • Six-Step Reframe

Day 5

  • Overcome own Resistance
  • Visual Squash
  • Parts Integration (Resolving Conflict, Listening to the wisdom of your body)
  • Goals & States


Day 6

  • Strategies
  • Coding Strategies
  • T.O.T.E.
  • Strategies Elicitation
  • Strategy Utilization
  • Keys for Effective Strategies


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