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February 2018 News

When I think about ALL OF YOU in this amazing group, I instantly connect to a higher force (choice of words, definitely influence by my kids using the force for everything, even opening the refrigerator – STAR WARS!), so yes, I even get a bit teary at times – definitely now while I am writing this – about your smiles, your hopes, your efforts, what you have given us all in all these magnificent encounters we shared! Thanks for the trust!

I am sitting here in my ‘office’, some of the Malaysian bunch know my spot in Starbucks next to my house where as soon as I am in nowadays, the warm staff prepares the green tea and jumbo croissant! I have come a long way and so have you! It is all about the criteria we measure our progress, nothing else. And I have come a long way re-defining these criteria. Life is good, life goes on, ups and downs, a lovely surprise and a challenge around the corner but no matter what, I managed to attract the knowledge that I can re-define my criteria of success and be happy anywhere any time.

I have had some tough decisions to make and there will be more of those but when I am asked how I manage to keep sane and sleep at night, my answer is ‘I’d rather make a mistake that is my own choice than someone else’s right thing’ AND ‘I listen to everyone one way or the other’.

I definitely listen to you and I thank you for your trust and appreciation, forgiveness and lightness of being.
I started writing this …maximum 3-4 sentences with my central news but I feel overwhelmed of joy and it is your faces I see passing by in my mind and lovely emotions of gratitude. I spent yesterday 1 hour crying and my kids told me to watch movies and they would prepare dinner. I was emotional because of so many moments I lived to see. Florence’s visit here in Kuala Lumpur also has something to do with it. We are about to publish EVERYDAY NLP together and having her here in KL for a week, seeing her beautiful face and aura in our living room, working at our dining table filled all our hearts. Kids were mesmerized. I had that huge boost of pure and authentic camaraderie. I could verbalize all my ideas and visions and someone from my own craft could just feedback and expand on them. I could complain about set backs and she knew. It was so cathartic! Thank you, my lovely co-author! I also got emotional because I watched hours on end this week figure skating and Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir made me fall in love! Not anyone specific, just the beauty of dedication and resolve, grace and a tender world! My husband being away for 3 days had a lot to do with emotions as well, I am so grateful I still healthily miss him! Everything is brighter when he is around!

So, where am I at business wise?
Greece is rocking – my country is calling back! THANK YOU, my homeland! One Registration after another and the trust! It is a privilege to see your own country men and women advance full of confidence no matter the hardships and mind limitations.
Cyprus – THANK you for making this fairytale possible! I am coming – I cannot believe it!
France, Belgium, Holland, Singapore…..so much work done, so much ground covered!
and of course Malaysia!!! Who would have ever though I would spend a decade in gorgeous Malaysia! You have given me so much! LOVE YOU, GUYS!!

So, THREE books coming up!
1) Perception Projection: 9 principles to empower your team, a leadership book going to 700 companies by April.
2) Perception Projection: 9 principles to empower your child, a personal book where I had to dive deep in my relationship with myself, my kids and many other children! It will be out just for the International Conference in London May 19th for my presentation ‘How do you raise kids with NLP” – so much to prepare for the conference, so many people to meet! so much creativity to tap into!
3) The EVERYDAY NLP, co-authored with Florence who hs been the ‘closer’ between us two last week…me, getting hit by inspiration lightening every other second and Florence bottling it all up and keeping us grounded! Many photos and videos made and here is one of them, the perfect symbolism of a perfect week! (Florence having a laugh with my
Greek nonsense and happy she wore her new Birkenstocks! )

Today, the Life Spheres website is moving from Joomla platform to WordPress and it is a magical moment as there have been so many challenges the last 3 years and it is a pivotal moment where online life will be much much easier!
Business Spheres website going live next week- the corporate part that put Life Spheres on the map and brought the major financial freedom is parting ways from its sister ‘Life’ and I am thrilled! So many new manuals and workbooks!
The elenisarantinou.com and the e-commerce side shyly coming together, what a venture to work and build from scratch.
Full on the Marketing and Brandin in several countries!
I am grateful!
I wrote a lot, that was not the plan…I think I will use this post for my newsletter next week which was planned for December, moved to January..February and hopefully will be shared by next week.
If i didnt anything to hurt you intentionally or unintentionally, please forgive me!
Eleni Sarantinou with Florence Madden

Change Book Cover

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