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Believe it to see it

Do you believe in what you want? Do you believe in getting it?

It’s 2007 and I’m enjoying a nice evening with friends in Dubai. Amir and Lara have joined us for dinner, and we’re all focused on Amir and his efforts to find a new job. He’s done with the big real estate company he has worked with for over a decade and wants to make his next move. Chatting about possibilities and his options, we start exploring the industries and roles he would like to move into.

His wife urges him to consider an offer he’d already received but Amir is certain that it will mean working 12 hours a day. ‘I know that company’s culture’ I hear him say. In fact, Amir has a 10-minute monologue about what is possible and mostly what’s not. And it nearly always goes along the lines of, ‘This position is great but will not pay as much as his current one.’ or ‘This role could suit me but there will be a clash with the CEO, he is full of ego.’ or ‘This one would work but will get me bored after a while.’

Have you got to see it to believe it?

Two hours later and we’re beginning to see the real picture. The reality is that according to Amir there is no job that combines a great sense of purpose, motivation and life/work balance and great pay.

At this stage, I was still greenish to the idea of personal development but I offered something I had recently heard: ´ Amir, they say… don’t wait to see it to believe it, first believe it – the job as you would like it – and then you will see it.’

I still remember his loud good-hearted laugh: ‘Eleni, the thing is I won’t believe it even if I see it.’ And we all laughed with him!

Believe first!

Fast forward 15 years and I must have had hundreds of these conversations in corporate and personal meetings. People still hire a coach mainly and predominantly to help them create a plan with steps in place to help them achieve their goal (write a compelling letter, update your LinkedIn profile, hire a head hunter, etc) and … it can be cumbersome and a lengthy process, as well as difficult and nerve racking! But not when you also simultaneously work on believing your new job is a breath away and suits your needs and wants like a glove!

Neuroscience, not rocket science

All the scientific evidence is there about how our brain works and yet many of us still play the same old tape. Dr. Bruce H. Lipton, PhD explains in great length how beliefs change your biology and life and Dr. Joe Dispenza, PhD urges us to make our mind matter among hundreds of scientists and science writers.

We would not want to have our car tells us where to go and just blindly follow it, what could possibly still make us follow our mind wherever it aimlessly wanders about? We have got to show consistency in our thought. All evidence so far points to us taking control of our beliefs and design them in such a way we get results.  Work on believing it, that’s when it can and does happen!

You see, our mind is a vessel with lots of different things contained within it and one of those things is a big category of ‘beliefs’. It’s a simple notion. If there is a belief you want in there, things move and start happening. If that belief is not there, it needs to get in there before anything will start moving in the direction you want. And that means as with any journey, to find its way into your belief system, the new belief will have to ‘travel’ through valleys and mountains, sunshine, and storms to get in there. And how do you ensure it does that? Through the power of repetition combined with loads of conviction, emotion and energy!

Once your belief finds its place, it becomes part of your unconscious code and it runs automatically!

A simple concept – as with everything, you have got to do it, for it to work!

Our mind is a magical tool for healing and succeeding but we have got to teach it how to run. We have got to be in control of our mind and tell it what to believe, not the other way around.

Because when we wait to see it to believe it, it won’t happen and will only reinforce erroneous beliefs like ‘It will never happen for me’, ‘I won’t make it’, ‘I am a failure’ etc. If this is what you want to believe just carry on with your current thinking. But if you want change, you can turn this ‘reality’ to fiction quickly. It starts with taking control of your mind and feeding it the beliefs that will get the results that you want. And do it full of enthusiasm, engaging fully in learning how to and with massive perseverance. Feed your mind with what you feel like; just like you would pick up what you like for lunch or dinner, serve it what it has got to believe full heartedly for your ambitions and dreams to get manifested.

You see,

If you believe you are helpless, you are.

If you believe you can find the greatest job, you can.

If you believe you are ready to control your mind, you are ready to start owning it!

If you believe in your dreams, you are living them!

Oh, yes, about Amir. It took a while but then he took some NLP coaching and now is working at his dream job.

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