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Policemen & Fairies

I am sitting on the sofa. 9.00pm. The kids are asleep. My husband is next to me holding my hand while meditating. A few days ago, we heard I had cancer. We have been meditating since then every minute we can; when blood tests and doctor visits finish for the day. I breathe in deep to allow the oxygen to enter every cell in my body and heal it. I visualize.

My body is a skyscraper full of invaders. My mission is to get them out. I bring in thousands of policemen to help out; strong, descent, well-trained, hard-working policemen. They have started from the top floors chasing everyone away. I have asked them to avoid guns, no more harm, just get them out. I can hear their firm voices through the loud speakers . When a floor is double-checked and free again, they carefully move on to the next floor, working their way slowly but surely. The invaders are many but they are running scared and they have no real power.

I am talking on the phone. 10.00Am. My fellow coach is on the other end of the line, supportive, available. I tell her about my visualization. She asks: “why policemen?” I have no answer. “Who else?” “What about fairies?” “Fairies?”

The same night, I see fairies. They are lovely. Magic wands and miracle dust replace the loud speakers and blogs. Fairies change to whatever form they want and have the power to appear or disappear whenever it pleases them. With their supernatural powers and noble nature, they fill my body with their beautiful melodies and innocent giggles reassuring me. The whole process feels lighter and effortless. They grant me wish after wish. Sleep comes easier, fairies continue while I am out of conscience.

We are eating with the kids. A year later. Recovery is my middle name. It has been a tough year. Fairies never left my sight, though. Kids are being naughty, playing with the food. Just when my mouth is bout to open with some kind of order, a fairy appears inside my head. I get it, it starts making sense. Fairies have had an impact on my body and my perception about life. I am not the same. I like my fairy period better. Past strategies have given their place to new softer, more trusting ones.

“Ach, they are just kids, wonderful kids” I think to myself and join them in the fun. I lift some spaghetti and create my own macaroni moustache. Kids giggle, a fairy passing by just winked at me. Bliss!

Dedicated with love to Carol Talbot

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