I was born in Greece, the home of olives and grapes. I studied Economics and had a successful career in IT before stumbling across Life Coaching and NLP. Today, I’m an NLP trainer, a Life Coach, a wife, a mother, a world traveller. Nothing gives me more joy than sharing what I’ve learnt, and am still learning, with you. Read more
NLP Practitioner – Singapore, 12-14 & 18-22 November 2018
An intensive 8-day program in a cosmopolitan city in South East Asia combining a magic holiday destination and culture. Take the opportunity to visit and combine clearing your mind with a inspiring holiday break. If you already live in Singapore, you can learn all about the Neuro-Linguistic Programming tools and techniques and get certified close to home. The participants will have the opportunity to explore their mind, life experiences and add a plethora of tools to achieve their goals.

Life Spheres ensures an environment of trust, open-mindness and fun!

Upon successful completion of the course, the participants will receive 4 International Certifications: NLP Practitioner accredited by two International Boards – ANLP, the Association of NLP (www.anlp.org) and ABNLP, the American Board of NLP (www.abh-abnlp.com), Time Line Therapy® & Hypnotherapy in Practitioner Level (Tad James Company) and accredited by ABNLP.

12-14 & 18-22 November 2018

Course fees: SGD 1950 (Pre-course book, all training materials, coffee/tea/water, snacks, lunch, NLP/Time Line Therapy®/Hypnosis Certificates and a 3 month ANLP membership).

Early bird:  SGD 1800 before 23rd October 2018

Bring-a-friend discount 10% for each friend for both the friend and the participant.

Limited seats only, first register, first serve basis.

Registration (return to es@life-spheres.com)

Terms and Conditions

Course Program
<strong>Day 1</strong>
</li><li>NLP Essentials
</li><li>The unconscious mind
</li><li>Differences Conscious / Unconscious
</li><li>NLP History
</li><li>NLP Frames (Outcome Relevancy, Backtrack, As id, Discovery, Aggreement, Open)
</li><li>NLP Presuppositions (Beliefs of Excellence)
</li><li>The Communication Model (Deletion, Distortion, Generalization)
</li><li>NLP Mindset (Couse &amp; Effect, Perception – Projection, Results versus Excuses, Mind-Body Connection, 100% Responsibility</li>
Day 2

  • Sensory Acuity & Calibration (Develop skills on noticing, Recognizing and correctly interpreting the communication signals of others)
  • Pacing & Leading
  • Mirroring & Matching
  • Representational Systems
  • Building & Maintaining Rapport (A climate of trust and understanding, verbal & non verbal communication) Perceptual Positions (Looking at situations from different points of view)
  • Association & Dissociation
  • Meta-Programs (“Toward-Away”, “Big-Small chunk”, March-Mismatch,
  • Associated-Dissociated, Internal-External, Convincer Pattern)
Day 3

  • Meta Model (How challenge and influence the constraints that people put for themselves)
  • Milton Model (How to reach a relaxed state and access the unconscious for solutions and answers)
  • Milton Model (Direct – Indirect hypnosis, Inductions)
  • Metaphors (Structure & Creation of powerful metaphors)
  • Anchoring (Steps to access resourceful states)
  • Circle of Excellence
  • Stack Anchors
  • Switching States
  • Chaining resources
  • Collapse Anchors

Day 4

  • Sub modalities
  • Types of Submodalities
  • The SWISH
  • Change Limiting Beliefs
  • Belief Systems
  • Beliefs & Self Esteem
  • Values & Values Elicitation
  • Write your own Life Script
  • Align yourself with your purpose
  • Strategies
  • Coding Strategies
  • T.O.T.E.
  • Strategies Elicitation
  • Strategy Utilization
  • Keys for Effective Strategies
  • Thinking Patterns
  • Pattern Interupts
  • Model (New Behavior Generator)
  • Congruency – Incogruence
Day 5

  • Goals & States
  • S.M.A.R.T. Goals
  • Well-formed Outcomes
  • Key Ingredients of well-formed outcomes
  • Design well-formed Outcomes
  • Overcome own Resistance
Day 6

  • Reframe
  • Six-Step Reframe
  • Visual Squash
  • Parts Integration (Resolving Conflict, Listening to the wisdom of your body)
  • Evaluation Test
Day 7

  • Time Line Basics
  • Time Line Elicitation
  • Putting your Time Line to work for you
  • Overcoming anxiety about a future event
  • Hypnosis
Day 8

  • Re-CAP!
  • Feedback
  • Celebration

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